giovedì 9 agosto 2007

Love song

Everybody has wisdom, everyone understands
Food when we are hungry
The touch of loving hands
No one is anyone's property
No one should be a slave
The joining of hearts in free will
Begins a tidal wave

Don't hold back
Don't think that hope is pointless
Love is a, love is a, love is a, love is an open door
Don't believe
That life is closed against us
Love is a, love is a, love is a, love is an open door

And it doesn't make any difference
The colour of anyone's skin
We need the rejection of prejudice
Let peace come flooding in
Jealousy is just a parasite, hatred is disease
Respect for human dignity
Become skittering wind blown leaves

Don't hold back...

The time is surely coming when we could all be free
When eyes for so long blinded
In opening shall see
That children may grow happily
Safe in the love of all
The earth a fertile garden where nobody need crawl

Don't hold back...

And if it seems that your hoping heart
Has led you into pain
Take a tip from the carpenter
Forgive and love again
and again...

(Geoff Mann, 1982)

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